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Marks: 85 Time: 3 Hrs




Q1. Choose the correct answer for each the given options:

  1. The Smallest accessible unit of memory is called
      • bit
      • byte
      • word
      • nibble


  2. The numbers whichare written in the exponential foam are called :
      • Floating Point
      • mid point
      • fixed Point
      • Non of these


  3. A program written in high level language is called :
      • hard Program
      • source Program
      • system Program
      • All of these


  4. A rectangular area of screen that displays different information is called :
      • Copy
      • dos
      • window
      • monitor


  5. The Processed form of data is known as :
      • String
      • Graphics
      • Binary
      • information


  6. If A = O then A= ?
      • 0
      • 1
      • A
      • Non of these


  7. Laser beam technology is used in :
      • Optical disk
      • Magnetic tape
      • magnetic disk
      • Non of these


  8. Each box of memory has this address:
      • Different
      • Unique
      • Two
      • Non Of these


  9. Tabulating machine is the invention of:
      • Herman hollerith
      • Charles Babbage
      • Joseph Jacquard
      • Leibniz


  10. It is not a type of application software
      • Ms-word
      • Antivirus
      • Ms-Excel
      • In-page


  11. The CD- writer performance is measured in this unit:
      • DPI
      • X
      • KB
      • Bytes


  12. Which switch of the format command copies systems files on the disk and makes it bootable ?
      • /P
      • /X
      • /S
      • /O


  13. Laptop and desktop computers are examples of :
      • Micro computer 
      • Super computer
      • macro computer
      • None of these


  14. Auxiliary storage is this kind of memory:
      • Temporary
      • Volatile
      • Primry
      • Non-Volatile


  15. 3- Variable Karnaugh map has:
      • eight cells
      • Three cells
      • one cell
      • four cells


                          SECTION “B” SHORT QUESTION ANSWER (Marks: 36)

NOTE: Answer any 9 questions from this Section. All questions carry equal

Q.2 What do you mean by an operating system?

Q.3 Write differences between impact printer and non-impact printer.

Q.4 . Define ports and describe its types

Q.5 Compare and contrast: Analog Computer and Digital Computer.

Q.6 Describe any four functions of Control Panel:

Q.7  Map the following equation ABC + ABC ABC + ACB
on a Karnaugh Map.

Q.8 What is number system? Write names of its types.

Q9 Classify the computer according to the purpose.

Q.10 Convert the following:
(1) (110) 2 = (?)g
(ii) (628) 10 (?)2
(iii) (2EE)16 (2)2
(iv) (132)g (?) 10

Q.11 State Demorgan’s theorems and prove them.

Q.12 Draw the K-map for the following:

(1) xy=x+y
(2) x+y=x.y

Q.13 Explain the 4th generation of computer?

Q.14 What are plotters? Write the names of different types of plotters.


NOTE: Attempt any TWO questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.15(a) Define C.P.U. Write about ALU and CU.
(b) Explain Keyboard and write about its divisions.

Q.16(a) Define computer Bus and describe its types.
(b) What do you mean by computer programming language? Discuss its types.

Q.17(a) What do you mean by Data? Describe its types.
(b) Why do we need secondary storage device? Write about Hard disk

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