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Home & Life Style

Home & Life Style

Way of life frequently alludes to:

Way of life (humanism), the manner in which an individual lives

Otium, antiquated Roman idea of a way of life

Style of life (German: Lebensstil), managing the elements of character

Way of life may likewise allude to:


1 Business

2 Other employments

3 As a formal person, place or thing

Expressions, amusement, and media





Different expressions, amusement, and media

Brands and undertakings


Way of life business, a business that is set up and run with the point of continuing a specific degree of pay

Way of life focus, a strip mall or blended utilized business improvement that joins the customary retail elements of a shopping center with recreation conveniences

Way of life the executives, organizations that oversee way of life

Different employments

Lifestylism, a derisive term to portray periphery anarcho legislative issues and moral gatherings

As a formal person, place or thing

Expressions, diversion, and media