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Bedding, otherwise called bedclothes or bed cloth, is the materials laid over the sleeping pad of a bed for cleanliness, warmth, security of it, and enlivening impact. it is the removable and launderable segment of a human resting condition. Numerous arrangements of sheet material for each bed are regularly washed in revolution and additionally changed occasionally to improve rest comfort at different room temperatures. Most normalized estimations for it are rectangular, yet there are additionally some square-molded sizes, which permits the client to put on it without thinking about its the long way direction (for example a 220 cm × 220 cm (87 in × 87 in) duvet).

In American English, the word bedding for the most part does exclude the sleeping pad, bed edge, or bed base, (for example, enclose spring), while British English it does. In Australian, South African and New Zealand English, sheet material is frequently called manchester, particularly in shops.