A bowl is a round dish or holder commonly used to get ready and serve food. The inside of a bowl is typically molded like a round top, with the edges and the base framing a consistent bend. This makes bowls particularly appropriate for holding fluids and free food, as the substance of the it are normally moved in its inside by the power of gravity. The outside of a bowl is frequently adjust yet can be of any shape, including rectangular.

The size of bowls differs from little dishes used to hold a solitary serving of food to huge dishes, for example, punch bowls or plate of mixed greens it, that are frequently used to hold or store more than one bit of food. There is some cover between bowls, cups, and plates. Exceptionally little dishes, for example, the tea bowl, are regularly called cups, while plates with particularly profound wells are frequently called bowls.

In numerous societies bowls are the most widely recognized sort of vessel utilized for serving and eating food. Truly little dishes were likewise utilized for serving both tea and mixed beverages. In Western culture plates and cups are all the more regularly utilized.